Thursday, 11 May 2017


No one noticed me for a year. I was waiting on the top of the shelf for someone to buy me.

 One day before Christmas I was still waiting. But I was feeling something today, like someone will buy me tonight. It was true. A girl call Grace came in with her mum and she bought me. I was bursting with excitement like popcorns coming out of the popcorn machine. 

I was a superstar for a little bit before Grace started finding another headband to replace me with. Pink and silver were her favourite colours so I couldn't compete against that. She loved the new one. She never wore me again. 

One unexpected sunny day Grace put me into the pretty purple box with all the stuff that she doesn't use then she donated me to a young girl called Ella who lived beside our house. 

The good thing was she loved me. Ella wore me every day I always slept on the brown bedside table just beside Ella’s pink and white bed.

Every morning everything start with excitement. Every night I was always thinking what I'm going to do tomorrow but the thing was the time went very very fast and soon Ella got older, older and older. She didn't donate me but she put me onto the wooden shelf with the thing that was a part of her memories.

 One rainy morning Ella’s family came into our house and they looked around and were busy talking. Ella’s big sister’s daughter called Ruby kept looking at me. And she wants me. Ella gave me to Ruby when they are having dinner. Next morning I was on way to Ruby's house and I knew that it will be the starting of my new life.

In my writing I have emotion words and some wow words.

My next step is to use ‘alliteration’ in my writing.

Sunday, 9 April 2017


I am cherry, strawberry and watermelon. I am a fire that you made at some nights. I am shy. I am a red tomatoes that you eat. I am a red school uniform I wear. I am a red iPad case that covers an iPad. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Some people I've taught how to make flax flowers 
Enjoy playing with my friends
One of my friends are moving soon
Have nice friends
Yeah I have great teachers for the three years I've been here
Use lots of stuff to make
New Zealand is my new home
Like crafting
Enjoy school time
Entering school each day I can think a lot of things 

Discovery Time Reflection

Discovery Time Reflection
Today at Discovery Time I did three things. Science Experiment,decorating cookies and planning for class birthday chart. 
I have done with Ruby.P. 

We done Science Experiment this is the photo.
I've forgot to photo my cookie,and we've planed birthday chart. 

It was fun Discovery Time. Also the helper was fantastic.

My Mihi

My Mihi
Tena koutou
Ko Aoraki te mounga
Ko Rakaia te awa
Ko Waimairi te kura 
Ko ngāti Korea te iwi 
Ko Sewoon taku papa
Ko Yuni taku mama
Nō Korea ahau 
Ko SeoHyun taku ingoa 
Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Holiday A,B,C

Holiday A,B,C

Ate breakfast before swimming lessons 
Jay was a boy that we play with.
Swimming lessons was a week.
Brother annoys me with new toy.
K.F.C for dinner.
The beach was cold.
Climb the sofa.
Luk was a pain in the neck.
Unlucky with weather in Conway. 
Drove to Conway.
Mountain climbing was canceled.
Versing Jay and my brother the board game.
English lesson was hard.
No one wants to go to the supermarket except for mum.
Water fight was fun.
Friday I went to see a movie.
Outside to play with boys.
X-box was fun.
Gardening was hard.
Piano lessons was difficult.
Yelled to my brother.
Holiday program was boring.
Quickly run to car.
Zoo is a place that I wanted to go to.
Ice skating was so fun
Raining all day.
By Marco and SeoHyun

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Highest building

Highest building 

How many floors do you think are in highest building? It isn't finished but it will be 168 floors and it will be the highest building in the world. It’s called the Jeddah tower and it’s in Saudi Arabia.

 The second highest building is Burj Khalifa. That has  163 floors in it. That’s in the Arab Emirates.

And the last highest building is Lotte World Tower. That has 123 floors in it. That's in South Korea. That will be finished this year.

They all have elevators. The parking place is underground. If we go up the to one of building, then we can see clouds and all houses, cars and people below look like colourful toys.

One day I was with my reading group and we read about firefighters. In New York on 2001 there was a big fire on a high building. And a lot of firefighters went to the building, then firefighters try their hardest to save other people's lives.

I think soon another highest building will be in the world

Some people think high buildings are awesome, but sometimes there is terrible things that happen in high buildings. I like high buildings but now I scared a bit of high buildings.